Can I rank for “Spencer likes Honeycombs”?

Just a quick story about myself: I am completely new to internet marketing and SEO.

After reading Spencer’s post at NichePursuit about why it is important to consider “Top 10 Google Competition” when creating sites, I just wanted to try and see if it is possible to rank for “Spencer likes honeycombs” by doing absolutely nothing besides an exact match domain with exact keyword in the title.

Any random thoughts? Did you land on this page because you did a Google search after reading Spencer’s blog post? Let me know in the comments!


  • Damian

    Yep you ranked dude, found you after searching for that term. What you did is simple but powerful. As it proves the point. You came up as number one too.

    • Andy

      Nice this is awesome; thank you so much for leaving a comment!

  • ROTJ

    You’ve got the top 2 spots, with Spencer Haw’s article ranking third.

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Yeah i came to this blog from “Spencer Likes Honeycombs” .You are awesome .can you detail me about backlink building to this blog ?

    • Hi! I didn’t build any backlink to this site. Since there are no competitions to this exact phrase (for obvious reasons), having just the exact match title seems to do the trick.

  • The Guy

    Absolutely. I read your blog post and thought I would try a Google search on the keyword and here I am! And here you are at the top of Google! Great example and a good tip. I’ll add this advice to my strategy when developing my web sites.

    • Thanks!

      I think you meant you visited Spencer Haws’s blog post at Niche Pursuits and got here?

      All credits to him – I am just testing and confirming 🙂

  • Sorab

    Yeah sweet you’re #1 for spencerlikeshoneycombs – however some peeps say EMD do not work well, surprisingly you’re #1 so that kinda clears the doubt there I guess let me know if I’m wrong.

    Talking about allintitle aspect of keyword research via Google can anyone shed some light as to is this IMP ???? and if yes how low should the number of results be, I know the lower the better buh I’m looking for some numbers here like 100-1000 low, 1000 to 3000 medium etc..

    If you do a allintitle for the above spencerlikeshoneycombs – you get only 39 results from Google, so that makes me wonder too…

  • Yup, still No.1 on 17th Feb 2015 in a search on, and in your own nice little segment at the top too.

  • You rock, Spencer. Still #1 – Got there while watching LTPro Video #6. How did you get your picture to show up with the Google search? 🙂

  • momogi tiramisu

    wow what an eye opener.

  • So how long did it take for the site to rank in the top 10 and how long for number one? Obviously there was little competition, but just wondering.

    • It was awhile ago when I set this up but if I recall, perhaps a few weeks.

  • we LOVE honeycombs!
    plus, nice job on site

  • Roman Dobronovsky

    It’s interesting that you outrank the original Spenser’s post which has much more content, value and several mentions of this particular keyword. Amazing!

  • My Clean Eating Pal

    Yep! It works. #1 !

  • This is hilarious, and awesome! I just found this site 5 years later. And yes, I still like honeycombs in case you are wondering…

    • lol! Spencer! How did you find this? I kept this page running in case one day you actually visit and there you are!

      • For some reason, my old article came across my radar and I did a google search for “Spencer loves honeycombs” for fun. Turns out there’s a whole website dedicated to it! Make my week for sure 🙂

  • Bilal Sarker

    Really nice job. Awesome idea too. 🙂 <3

  • Igor Lebich

    this is hilarious because I actually was reading a post about long tail keywords and decided to actually google this phrase as well for lulz

  • Jacob Goldberg

    yup. nice job!

  • Adeposi Okupe

    Wow. This still works in November 26th 2019.

  • Misterkel

    Top result May 5, 2020, even with Coronavirus boredom. Hmm – I sense a little fun competition?